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SP Weather Station: Artists Respond To The Meteorological


In 2007 Natalie Campbell and Heidi Neilson had the novel idea of creating the SP Weather Station, a “rooftop base station” in Long Island City. The project would combine interests in making art, meteorlogical phenomonon and generally bringing interesting people together. The hosted a lecture series, organized weather related publications, and organized exhibitions and events. Their contextualization of the project:

SP Weather Station builds on the existing international phenomenon of Personal Weather Stations. Weather station enthusiasts worldwide combine DIY analogue technology with organized web forums for collecting and analyzing data. By recording its neighborhood’s environmental conditions, SPWS participates in and add to some of the many ways people have, throughout history, made their own weather observations. SPWS maintains an interest in new and historical technologies, and in how individuals relate to broader systems and patterns.

In a stroke of genius they invited twelve artists to create a portfolio of prints responding to the previous years weather collection.

To read and see pictures of the prints more follow the jump.

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