Weather Metabulator

Partnership with Daniel Larson in conjunction with the SPWS exhibit at the Queens International 4, and ‘To Let’ in Ithaca, NY.  2008-2011

An adapted 1950s-era medical device known as a ‘Metabulator’ translates real time analogue temperature measurements into a continuous chart readout.

The Weather Metabulator uses an integrated circuit temperature transducer installed on the Queens Museum rooftop which produces an output current proportional to temperature. This analogue electrical signal is relayed along a wire from the QMA roof to a digital circuit inside the Metabulator, which translates the signal into the movement of a servo. The servo powers a motor which moves a pen which creates a real time drawn readout of temperature in the gallery. More technical information including circuit diagrams here.

Integrated circuit temperature transducer, Wire, Instrument amplifier, Analogue to digital converter, Pulse width modulator, RC Servo and motor, AC synchron motor, Metabulator with existing stylus apparatus.

[Weather Metabulator integrated circuit temperature transducer on the Queens Museum roof]

[Weather Metabulator in the Queens Museum gallery]

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