2010 Reports Portfolio

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Works by: (January) Liz Zanis; (February) Graham McDougal; (March) James Walsh; (April) Carissa Carman; (May) Mark Parsons; (June) Tim Dye; (July) Douglas Paulson; (August) Robyn York; (September) Cross Current Resonance Transducer [LoVid (Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus) and Douglas Repetto]; (October) Nicholas Fraser; (November) Man Bartlett and Angela Washko; (December) Ellie Harrison.

Box dimensions: 17 x 12 x ½ in.


December 2010Ellie Harrison

UK Weather Report:
The Effect of the Weather on the Market /
The Effect of the Market on the Weather

Single channel video (0:10:30), recording of Skype performance for SP Weather Station on April 17, 2011

A special Skype performance in the form of a DIY ‘weather report’ delivered live from Ellie Harrison’s studio. Taking on the role of ‘remote correspondent’, Ellie gave her own interpretation of the unusual weather experienced in the UK in December 2010: the coldest December on record. More information and screenshots here.


November 2010Man Bartlett and Angela Washko

Flux Factory Brainstorming Document, 2011. Photocopy with ink and marker, 11 x 8.5 in.


October 2010Nicholas Fraser

talk about the weather or how the weather used to be, 2011.

Digital pigment print (1 from a series of 30 unique prints forming a single work), 11 x 11 in. The weather: ubiquitous and mundane and democratic, coloring everything we do. The spreadsheet of measurements: a knotty meaningless mass far removed from what it represented. The prints: 3 consecutive days, converted into bland charts, parameters unidentified.


September 2010Cross Current Resonance Transducer [LoVid (Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus) and Douglas Repetto (Special thanks to NY City College)

CCRT Spiral Sound Print, 2011. Data-driven laser cut screenprint on laser cut paper 10 in. diameter. Soundwave data from computer voice reading of SPWS indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity values plotted in an Archimedian spiral using custom software. See www.music.columbia.edu/~douglas/portfolio/ccrt for details.

Variable edition of 30–single report above, group of edition below.



August 2010Robyn York

Emotional Weather Report, Pigment print, 8 pp., 4.25 x 6 in.



July 2010Douglas Paulson

Appreciating the July, 2011. Laser print mounted on board, 8 x 5.375 inches.

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer


June 2010Tim Dye

WeatherDots, June 1-15, 2010, 2010. Digital print from series of 15, with color laser print key, 5 x 7 in. Depicting each day’s weather, 24 dots show weather conditions with color, shape, and orientation. Hourly weather readings control the shape’s appearance. See www.DataTechArt.org for details.


May 2010Mark Parsons

A Day & the Data, 2011. Intaglio, collage and ink on paper, 9.5 x 12.25 in.


April 2010Carissa Carman

April Showers Portable H20 Filter Number One, 2011. Mimaki print on cotton, paper, staples, terra cotta ball, metal ring, needle, thread, plastic bag, 8.75 x 6 x .5 in.


March 2010James Walsh

Diary of the Weather, 2011. Letterpress print,16 x 10 in. Drawn from Rev. Andrew Burnaby’s Travels Through the Middle Settlements in North America, printed in London in 1775.


February 2010Graham McDougal

SP Weather Station Weather Report: February 2010, 2011. Archival ultrachome print,
11.5 x 9 in. Scan of dislodged roof tile from Ithaca, NY, laser engraved with drawing based on SPWS wind speed measurements throughout February, except for days weather station was decommissioned by falling construction debris.


January 2010Liz Zanis

Mr. G and G.G. in January 2010, 2011. Screenprint on balsa wood, necklace chain;
Flux Factory’s Roof in January 2010, 2011. Screenprint on paper. Both, 2011. 6 x 5 x .25 in. overall.

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