2012 Reports Portfolio

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Works by: (January) Rena Leinberger; (February) Jesper Aabile; (March) Beka Goedde; (April) Roni Gross; (May) Jordi Williams; (June) Tara Cooper; (July) Emily Bunker; (August) Peter Jellitsch; (September) Birds’ Ear View Collective (Jon Barraclough and Alexandra Wolkowicz); (October) Kyle Holland and Elizabeth Sheehan; (November) Rachel L. Cohn, Frej Meinild Larsen, Ebbe Dam Meinild, Laurids Sonne; (December) Paula McCartney.

Box dimensions: 16 x 2 x 11 ¾ in.



December 2012Paula McCartney

Weather or Not, 2013. Digitally printed artist book, 5 ¼ x 4 ½ in. Each book page represents one day of the month in December 2012. Snow falls on four pages of the book while the other pages are left blank, recording the minimal snowfall in Long Island City, NY.




November 2012Rachel L. Cohn, Frej Meinild Larsen, Ebbe Dam Meinild, Laurids Sonne

Replica of West Norwegian vær maskin (Weather machine), 2013. Envelope, nails, washers, string, card stock, 9 x 12 in. Edition of 30.


October 2012Kyle Holland & Elizabeth Sheehan

October, 2013. Letterpress, suminagashi marbling and pressure printing on Stonehenge Pearl Gray paper, Two elements, 10 ¾  x 14 in. (each). Edition of 30. Diptych inspired by storm-riddled weather data from October 2012 which culminated in Hurricane Sandy, as well as from the artists’ mutual obsession with storms, particularly tornados. Eerie warnings can mean imminent disaster, from swarms of birds taking flight to subtle changes in the color of the sky.




September 2012 – Birds’ Ear View Collective (Jon Barraclough and Alexandra Wolkowicz)

September 2012, 2013. Scroll with digital print from an original drawing, wooden splints, 12 x 1 ½ in. diameter. Edition of 36. Drawing based on the correlation of wind conditions and the presence of extremely powerful lights to the increased presence of birds flying in Lower Manhattan on September 11/12, 2012, as a result of the Tribute in Light memorial.



August 2012 – Peter Jellitsch

Molecule Model, 2013. Screenprint, 12.3 x 8.8 in. (packaged); 25.4 x 8.8 in. (unfolded). Edition of 35. Part of the Long Island City Documents, a project by Peter Jellitsch which focuses on the 1488 measuring points that describe the indoor & outdoor humidity, measured by SPWS in August 2012 in New York. Includes handwritten notations, drawings and a photocopy that deals with the attempt to make hidden conditions visible. Screenprint adapted from a copy which is based on a photo that was taken from a model which was built after Hans Häckel, “Wasser,” in Meteorologie, Stuttgart 2008, Page 85. More information: peterjellitsch.com.



July 2012 – Emily Bunker

July 2012, 2013. Digital print with acrylic, 5 ½  x 8 ½ in. Edition of 30. In order to measure the wind, ropes are anchored to eight trees converging in a cube suspended 30 ft above the ground.  Cube shifts as the wind blows and the trees sway. Images on reverse are a collection of photographs taken throughout the month of July by a motion sensor camera positioned under the cube.



June 2012 – Tara Cooper

Hotter Than A Two Dollar Pistol, 2013. 3 color hand printed photopolymer etching, 11 x 15 in. Edition of 30 + 3 AP. SPWS recorded record highs throughout June, the most extreme occurring just before 1 am on the 21st, 102.9 °F. Now known as the Historic Heat Wave of 2012, the severity of the summer’s heat is comparable to 1936—the Dust Bowl’s worst. The idiom “Hotter Than A Two Dollar Pistol” originates from a cheaply made 19th century pistol that got extremely hot when fired.


May 2012Jordi Williams

Divining End Time: Readings for May 2012, 2013. Series of 31 inkjet prints, 11 x 7 in. (each). Proximity to the End Time is charted for each day in May using symbolic translations of weather data: wind speed, direction, rain accumulation, relative pressure, and wind chill.

April 2012 – Roni Gross

Weather For Thirty of Twelve, 2012. Color Xerox, 8 x 2 x ¼ in. External and internal weather for the thirty days of April.



March 2012 – Beka Goedde

Ten Possibilities for a Water Glass, 2012. Photolithography on Magnani paper, 4 x 3 in. (folded); 19-1/2 x 20 ¼ in. (unfolded). Edition of 30 + 3 AP. Printed by the artist at the Gowanus Studio Space, Brooklyn, NY. Matrix of ten possible states of a water glass associated with the barometric pressure on each of 31 days of March: whole glass / full of water; whole glass / half-full; whole glass / empty; whole glass / empty from tipping over; half-glass / full; half-glass / half-full; half-glass / empty; half-glass / empty from tipping over; broken half-glass / empty; no-glass / empty.



February 2012 – Jesper Aabile

February 2012, 2013. Set of 29 digital prints, 3 x  4 in. each. Edition of 30. 29 illustrations related to weather data for each day in February.



January 2012 – Rena Leinberger

Stepping into the same weather more than once, 2013. Digital offset print, 36 pp book, 7 x 7 in. Edition of 50. A collection of accidental photographs taken unwittingly with the artist’s iPhone. Arranged into an index of travels, the book compresses the time and space of the past year to correspond to the weather on each day of January 2012. This organization is clearly alogical, reflecting the futility of deciphering the erratic patterns of the weather and daily life.




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