Rafael Hidalgo Múgica Weather Report March 2011

March 2011: The Missing Report by Rafael Hidalgo Múgica
Absent MP3 and text by SP Weather Station (2012)

This text is the only manifestation of a proposed work by Rafael Hidalgo Múgica for the 2011 SP Weather Reports portfolio.

The work as originally proposed consisted of a sonification of SPWS data from March 2011, created using custom software and presented as an MP3 download. RHM first created an audio synthesis of weather data, including data from SPWS, for the exhibition “Science Fair” at Flux Factory, NYC, June 2010.

Beginning with the first discussions of a collaboration in April 2010, SPWS and RHM had a total of 1 in-person meeting, 8 email exchanges, and 1 phone call (NY—Tenerife) to arrange for the inclusion of the audio track in the 2011 portfolio.  On April 25, 2012, as the 2011 portfolios were being collated, SPWS received its last assurance that the audio file was forthcoming, with the explanation “I have been disconnected of the world…”

As of January 2013, attempts to obtain the work from RHM and/or obtain copies of the earlier sonifications from Flux Factory have been unsuccessful; a total of 14 emails from SPWS to RHM have gone unanswered. This text has been created as a stand-in for the absent audio track.

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