Meeting – Jan 13th

SP Weather Station Meeting Minutes
13 January 2008

Present: Natalie Campbell, Kim Fisher, Dan Larson, Heidi Neilson

-Meeting called to order 11:45 a.m. by general agreement

-Meeting agenda to follow ‘SP Weather Station Thoughts + Planning’ ad hoc memo-list distributed by Heidi to collaborators in days prior to meeting

-Item 1. Wind Sock. Necessity agreed upon, decision to extend design and fabrication commission to Carissa Carman. Subcommittee headed by Natalie to extend commission invite.

-Item 2. Website. Natalie to do some rewrite/editing of ‘about’ section. Heidi to put up some recently taken pictures. Tour of wordpress given to Dan. Weather data format discussed, agreed to have complete data available as an excel spreadsheet, and monthly data set apart and available as graphs in PDF format. Dates in data to be converted to consecutive days within year for ease in graphing. New data to be posted to ‘data’ section roughly monthly and thus available for download. Generally website open for population by posts, links, observations, comments, etc.

-Item 3. Reports. Heidi, possibly Dan to create report for Jan. Invitation to some other participants.

-Item 3a. Dissemination of Reports. Agreed that reports should be in an edition of at least 50, where 20 are set aside for complete year sets, some of the remaining portion go to the artist, the rest are sold/distributed-by-donation (or something) online. PDFs of reports available for free online. ‘Subscription’ system put on hold for feasibility reassessment in 6 mo.-12 mo.

-Item 4. Talk by invited independent weather station guy Kyle. Dan to extend invitation/scheduling, tentatively for Feb 17. Other invites: potential future collaborators, Mike-the-Roosevelt-Island-station guy. Dress code recommendation for talk: fuzzy hoods

-Item 5. Expansion of Weather Station Awesomeness. Metabulator graphing function fixed—Dan looking into. Lightning Detector—Dan to contact Ithaca guy. List of items of interest to approach Materials for the Arts—Heidi to head up acquisition subcommittee.

-Item 6. Long-term weather station expansion ideas to be revisited 6-12 mo.

-Item 7. Timeline. January, flesh out website. Invite/schedule a couple of artists for late winter/spring Reports, and maybe give them tours of the Station. February + March, produce first report or reports, put up on website. Rejoice. Visit Materials for the Arts. April, evaluate previous months, plan forward.

-other business: Noted that meeting and perusal of weather station itself could happen periodically, and that these meetings could be brief (due to weather—it was pointed out that the inside temperature of Station is about 45 degrees F on average).

-Meeting adjourned at 12:45 p.m.
-Minutes submitted by Heidi Neilson

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