Announcing 2012-2013 Weather Interpreters

SPWS is pleased to announce the artists who will participate in the 2012-2013 SP Weather Reports. Now in its fifth year, SP Weather Reports is a collated portfolio published annually by SPWS. This is the first time artists have been selected through an advertised open call.

As with prior years, SPWS will send one month of data from its weather station on the Flux Factor roof to a different assigned artist at the end of the month. Artists are invited to respond (loosely) to this data in whatever format they choose — past artists have created prints, booklets, drawings, audio files, photos and video.

We will feature updates on the participating artists’ work throughout the coming two years.

2012 SP Weather Reports:

January – Rena Leinberger
February – Jesper Aabile
March – Beka Goedde
April – Roni Gross
May – Jordi Williams
June – Tara Cooper
July – Emily Bunker
August – Peter Jellitsch
September – Bird’s Ear View Collective (Jon Barraclough & Alexandra Wolkowicz)
October – Kyle Holland & Elizabeth Sheehan
November – Laurids Sonne
December- Paula McCartney

2013 SP Weather Reports:

January – Louise Barry
February – Einat Imber
March – May Jong
April – David Grainger
May – Anne Gilman
June – Amze Emmons
July – Heather Kapplow
August- Ellie Irons
September – Eric Asboe
October – Katherine McLeod
November – Sarah Nicholls
December – Amanda Friedman

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