Save the date, and some resources

Save the date: October 19
The next SPWS Guest Lecture will be Andrea Polli. Andrea is an artist, currently on the faculty in the MFA Program in Integrated Media Arts at Hunter College and a resident at Eyebeam. In addition to numerous projects related to weather and climate, Andrea has installed weather stations on the roof at Eyebeam and at her home in Long Island City.

those in LIC should check out her Cloud Car test drive TOMORROW, September 19th, late afternoon, on the street at the corner of 21st St. and 43rd Ave.

Thanks to Andrea we also recently had a chance to meet a number of “local experts” at Eyebeam, several of whom have websites of interest to the SPWS community. Featured speakers were Tim Dye of AirNow and Victoria Vesna of the UCLA Art/Science Center. An assortment of artists, environmental activists, etc provided feedback on each others’ work and created a forum for research sharing, raising all kinds of questions to be addressed … in later blog posts.

(Tim Dye)
real time air quality data & visualizations courtesy of the US Government

(Sarah Williams)
air quality measurements in Beijing during the Olympics
NY Times infographics

(Michael Heimbinder)
environmental health justice org. and mapping project in NYC

(Eve Mosher)public art projects

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