2/19/10: SPWS in HOUSEBROKEN @ Flux Factory

With help from numerous Flux-ers (thanks Nick, Ian, Jean, Georgia, et al) the SPWS base station has been installed in a library-nook at Flux Factory in time for their inaugural group show, HOUSEBROKEN.

Please join us Friday February 19th, 8pm-12am – check the local conditions, browse the library, see work by 40 artists…
Flux Factory
39-31 29th Street, LIC, NY 11101
Suggested donation $15

Please rsvp to rsvp@fluxfactory.org

Housebroken will remain on view every Saturday and Sunday from 12 – 6 pm until March 21st.

Full details…

Join us on Friday, February 19th for Housebroken, Flux’s inaugural show! In celebration of our newest home, we’ve invited dozens upon dozens of artists to create works throughout the building. Housebroken is easily our biggest project ever, with over 100 installations, performances, and homey additions to our factory. Eclectic performances and unparalleled reverie begin at 8 pm, continuing on into the night.

Curated by Jean Barberis and Georgia Muenster

Participating artists: Carey Ascenzo; Ali Aschman; Man Bartlett; Ranjit Bhatnagar; David Bohl & David Kagan; Brandstifter; Adam Brent; Matt Bua; Paul Burn; Ian Burns; Lucille Calmel; Paula Castro; Cyprien Chabert; Gabriel Cohen & Megan Snowe; David Court & Carolyn Lambert; The Deterritorialized Church; Kerry Downey; Jason Eppink; Cassandra Ferland & Boyd Shropshire; Tracy Gilman, David Schleifer & Lauren Silberman; Nick Golebiewski & Marin Tockman; Eckart Graeve; Kathryn Hamilton; Amy Lynn Herman; Peter Hristoff; Thom Hutchison; Jaime Iglehart; Doreen Jakob; Anna Lise Jensen; Benjamin Johnson/BADSTUDIO & Hiroko Takeda; Darren Jones & Ryan Roa; Jack Kalish & Katie Westgate; Bernard Klevickas; George Kroenert; Sara Krugman; Elizabeth Larison; Fabienne Lasserre; Matt Levy; Michelle Levy; Amy Longenecker & Christopher Ulivo; Nelson Loskamp; Caroline Mak; Greg Martin; Lili Maya & James Rouvelle; Olive McKeon; Ian Montgomery; Martina Mrongovius; Georgia Muenster; Jo Q. Nelson; Nick Normal; Issa Nyaphaga; Adrian Owen; Molly Page; Clare Parry; Douglas Paulson; Damon Pelletier & Chess Venis; SKOTE; Brendan Ravenhill; Annie Reichert and Etosha Terryll; Rob Rhee; John Roach; Eugenia Semjonova; Igor Siddiqui; Julia Solis; SP Weather Station; Jeff Stark; Josh Thorpe; Gabriela Vainsencher; Hein Verwer; Barbara Westermann; Meng-Hsuan Wu; Chin Chih Yang

With DJ Taliesin and Mosholu Park with video art by NES.Avi

AND a special performance by White Limo

Suggested donation, $15 (tax-deductible)
Open bar courtesy of Campari, 21+
Please rsvp to rsvp@fluxfactory.org

Housebroken will remain on view every Saturday and Sunday from 12 – 6 pm until March 21st.

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