Introduction to Basic Divination Guest Lecture 5/25/08

S.P. Weather Station Guest Lecture Series presents:

Introduction to Basic Divination
A workshop by Stephanie Rothenberg
Sunday May 25th, 3pm
(free and open to the public)

SP Weather Station, 46-01 5th Street, Long Island City, (go to side entrance on 46th Ave between 5th Street and Vernon Ave)

About the Workshop:

Divining, or dowsing as it is often times called, is the ultimate sustainable battery-free technology for getting the latest information. It is an ancient practice that was used by many cultures and continues to be used today. In the workshop, participants will be given an overview of basic divining and learn how to make their own divining rods from wire hangers and drinking straws. Stephanie has presented Divination Workshops at 16 Beaver Group, NYC and the Center for Contemporary Art, North Adams, MA.

About Stephanie Rothenberg:

Stephanie Rothenberg, a New York-based artist and educator, is the founder of Pan-O-matic (, which brings together a diverse group of individuals interested in investigating our inter-personal relationship with new technologies. Since the rise of mass systemized culture in the early 20th century, the Western world has become increasingly dependent on technology to physically act for us and psychologically live for us. As our perception becomes increasingly subsumed by handheld devices telling us the where, when, what and how, Pan-O-matic strives to recalibrate our bodies and minds, attuning human perception to the mutable environment. Through the investigation of alternative tools and recombinant methodologies Pan-O-matic works at enabling us to regain our senses, or rather our own “sense-ability.”

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