Weather (Book) Report: 6 shelves of wonder!

(note: we’ll have a feature soon on Jane Marsching’s Guest Lecture Saturday at the Queens Museum, but in the meantime…)

A quick visual survey of the circulating weather section at the NYPL Science, Industry and Business Library:

Interestingly, alarmist weather books are not at all limited to those centered on climate change.  It seems it could be an entire literary subgenre.

One Response to Weather (Book) Report: 6 shelves of wonder!

  1. Those titles reflect my first ‘physics’ exposure to the topic of climate change. I remember going to a colloqium as a graduate student where the speaker was talking about the amount of energy that industrialization introduces into the enviornment. This energy increase is a consequence of the second law of thermodynamics: it is impossible for any cyclic process to occur whose sole effect is the extraction of heat from a reservoir and performance of an equivalent amount of work. Read: there are no perfect engines. The point this speaker made was that introducing more energy into a system does NOT necessarily increase the temperature. However, it does increase the fluctuations. Violent weather then can be seen as a fluctuation.