‘Types of Weather’ exhibition in Germany

08.03.2013 – 19.05.2013 isolated showers – TYPES OF WEATHER

From the website, thanks to google translate:

The starting point of the exhibition “Chance Showers – forms of weather” is the surprisingly large number of current artists whose interest in the weather is fed by its complex connections with our immediate reality of life: in her oeuvre given concrete form and effects of the weather plays a central space. Phenomena such as snow, ice, rain, fog, clouds, wind / storm, lightning and sunshine are examined and aesthetic constellations transferred, sometimes they are even a genuine component of the works by the materials are exposed to the weather, or by in the work of “real” rain or storms. Some artists focused on the desire to record the weather, check or simulate can and ask for the controllability of nature. For other artists, the weather becomes a metaphor. The exhibition “Chance of Showers – forms of weather “It’s about the possibility of the perception of weather – as a precondition for discussion technological or policy change. In this respect, the project could be classified as a kind of artistic foundation. The exhibition spans the entire exhibition space (800 sq m) of the Frankfurter Kunstverein, in a variety of planned activities are new productions.

Participating artists: Stefania Batoeva (b. 1981, BG, lives in London), Daniel Gustav Cramer (born 1975, UK, lives in Berlin), Spencer Finch (b. 1962, U.S., lives in Brooklyn), Sebastian Grafe (born . 1976, UK, lives in Berlin), George Kuchar (1942-2011, U.S.), Gerhard Lang (b. 1962, UK, lives in New York), Flo Maak (b. 1980, UK, lives in Frankfurt), Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle (born 1961, ES, lives in Chicago), Matthias Meyer (b. 1972, UK, lives in Hamburg), Rivane Neuenschwander (b. 1967, BR, lives in Belo Horizonte), Iris Schomaker (b. 1973 , DE, lives in Berlin), Klaus Weber (b. 1967, UK, lives in Berlin), John Woodman (born 1949, UK, lives in Carlisle Cumbria)

Curator: Antje Krause-election

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