11/17-11/18: SPWS at Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair

SP Weather Station at the Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair

November 17–18, 2012

Silver Spring Civic Center
One Veterans Place
Silver Spring MD

The SP Weather Reports are coming to Pyramid Atlantic!

This is the first year SPWS will participate in the Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair. We are sharing a booth with artist and SPWS co-founder Heidi Neilson.

Fair hours are Saturday 11/17 1–6 PM and Sunday 11/18 1–5 PM.

$10 admission for non-registrants; Fair/conference information is available online here.

Since 2008, SPWS has published the SP Weather Reports portfolio. Each year, twelve artists (or artist groups), one per month, are invited to ‘report’ on the weather data taken by the SPWS rooftop station, installed on the roof of Flux Factory in Long Island City. This open-ended assignment may be interpreted strictly or loosely; past artists have created prints, booklets, drawings, audio files, photos and video.

To date, the following artists have created SP Weather Reports:

(2011) Emcee C.M. Master of None, Glen Einbinder, Rafael Hidalgo Múgica, Naomi Miller, Chad Stayrook, Michelle Rosenberg and Howard Huang, Hope Ginsburg, eteam, Paul Kennedy, Adrienne Garbini, Travis LeRoy Southworth, Rick Myers

(2010) Liz Zanis, Graham McDougal, James Walsh, Carissa Carman, Mark Parsons, Tim Dye, Douglas Paulson, Robyn York, Cross Current Resonance Transducer [LoVid (Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus) and Douglas Repetto], Nicholas Fraser, Man Bartlett and Angela Washko, Ellie Harrison

(2009) Mike Estabrook and Vandana Jain, Susan Goethel Campbell, Emily Larned, Luke Strosnider, Andrea Polli, Mark Nystrom, Patricia Zarate, Jane D. Marsching, Stephanie Rothenberg, Graham Parker, Isaac Gertman, Birgit Rathsmann

(2008) Heidi Neilson; Natalie Campbell, Daniel Larson, Heidi Neilson, Jing Yu, and Liz Zanis; Katarina Jerinic; Lize Mogel; Chris Petrone; Bridget Lewis, Michael Geminder; Leah Beeferman; Neil Freeman, Sarah Nicole Phillips; Carrie Dashow; Richard Garrison

Above: 2011 SP Weather Reports

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