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Leandro Erlich’s “La Vitrina Cloud Collection”

Leandro Erlich’s “La Vitrina Cloud Collection”

Collection of Cloud Projects

A great collection of cloud-based projects on the Cloud Factory website. Thanks Olivier for the info! Here’s a screenshot from the site:

Clouds by Berndnaut Smilde

From The Design Ark: Amsterdam-based Berndnaut Smilde created these wonderful cloud creations with a combination of smoke, moisture, and dramatic lighting. His work experiments with the concept of “the physical presence of transitional spaces”.


…Thanks to Cat Krudy

CLOUD STUDIES at Fotomuseum Winterthur

On view 11/26/11 – 2/12/2012 in Zürich:

‘Clouds are subject to certain distinct modifications, produced by the general causes which effect all the variations of the atmosphere: they are commonly as good visible indications of the operations of these causes, as is the countenance of the state of a person’s mind or body.’ This is what the English pharmacist and meteorologist Luke Howard wrote in 1802 in the preface to his manuscript On the Modification of Clouds. Eighty years later, meteorologists had still not reached a consensus on how to classify, label, and read the forms of clouds. It was during this time that scientists first began using photography to record and measure clouds. With its help, they attempted to gain precise and accurate images that would provide insight on the interplay between clouds and the atmosphere.

The exhibition CLOUD STUDIES – The Scientific View of the Sky presents six stages of meteorological cloud photography, from its infancy in the 1880s – in Switzerland with the first images by Albert Riggenbach photographed from Mount Säntis – up to the newspaper images that were captured by the first weather satellites in the 1960s. This rich collection of photographs, notes, records and atlases from diverse research sources depicts the origins of contemporary weather forecasting. Each of the six stages represents a certain scientific and photographic perspective on clouds.

Curator: Helmut Vőlter. The exhibition was realized in cooperation with the Museum for Photography Braunschweig. / The accompanying publication CLOUD STUDIES – Six Stages of Scientific Cloud Photography was published by Spector Verlag Leipzig.

Spencer Finch, “My Business, With the Cloud” @ The Corcoran, DC

A two-part exhibition, with a site-specific installation in the Rotunda Gallery and an exhibition upstairs of works from 1998-2010, mostly on paper, with one fluorescent-tube sculpture, recording not just clouds, but the Jet Stream, the shifting color of sunlight on a white wall, and other atmospheric phenomena.

The Rotunda installation (Passing Cloud, 2010) is an attempt to conjure a moment from Washington DC’s history as recorded in Walt Whitman’s diaries – by recreating the light conditions that Finch recorded at the same place this past July.

Blake Gopnik’s review here

From the website: “Finch’s exhibition at the Corcoran takes up the subject of clouds. Drawing from the history and environment of Washington, D.C., his project explores the poetic, physical, and meteorological aspects of these natural phenomena. Finch’s site-specific sculpture of a passing cloud in the museum’s central Rotunda alludes to a moment of convergence between two historical figures, Walt Whitman and Abraham Lincoln. In a selection of related photographs and drawings, Finch attempts to make something solid out of air, investigating the atmospheric and metaphoric properties of light, water vapor, and sky.”

Spencer Finch, “My Business, With the Cloud”

Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington DC

Through January 23rd.

Tomas Saraceno – Cloud Cities

Tomás Saraceno / Cloud Cities
Atelier Calder
19 June – 4 July 2010
12 Route du Carroi
F-37190 Saché, France

More info on e-flux:

Over the course of his residency at the Atelier Calder, 2009 Calder Prize laureate Tomás Saraceno has continued to develop his project Cloud Cities-Air Port City, a proposed use of space that empowers individuals, repositioning them beyond the confines of existing authoritative constructs. Saraceno describes the project as: “a structure that seeks to challenge today’s political, social, cultural and military restrictions in an attempt to reestablish new concepts of synergy. Up in the sky there will be this cloud, a habitable platform that floats in the air, changing form and merging with other platforms, just as clouds do. It will fly through the atmosphere pushed by the winds, both local and global, in an attempt to equalize the (social) temperature and differences in pressure.”

The opening celebration for “Cloud Cities” will take place on 19 – 20 June 2010, with an experimentation of a solar balloon flight on Sunday morning from 5:00 – 7:00, weather permitting. The Atelier Calder will be open to visitors on subsequent weekends from 14:00 – 18:00, and other days by appointment, until 4 July 2010.

Birgit Rathsmann, “Room for Storms”

Birgit Rathsmann, artist and 2009 SPWS Weather Interpreter (December) is presenting work in a temporary space at 163 Eldridge.

Sunday, February 28th, 2010, 4PM and 5PM

A performance by Ryan McNamara + Birgit Rathsmann
A weather forecaster shaman seeds and unleashes a human storm.
Featuring Kim Brandt, Samara Davis, Jack Ferver, Miriam Katz and Bevin McNamara

163 Eldridge Street near Delancey

On February 20th, Birgit created a one-night cinema to screen, a looped and altered version of an NOAA video that condenses satellite imagery from the 2008 hurricane season, combining it with various soundtracks (of music both commissioned and found). Presented with video introductions by Hollis Witherspoon impersonating Werner Herzog, Birgit’s project has a peculiar blend of romanticism and irony.

“On Clouds” @ Observatory, Brooklyn / SPWS Lecture 10/21/09

On Clouds

Observatory, Brooklyn
543 Union Street (at Nevins)
Through November 15th
featuring a Guest Lecture by SPWS on 10/21, 8pm!

In the first exhibition at Observatory, Brooklyn, on view through November 15th, James Walsh presents photos and prints in conjunction with an evening program of projections, performances, poetry, and other events by various artists throughout the run of the show.

James’ thoughtfully installed work includes a series of letterpress prints based on John Ruskin’s journals, paired with photographs of details of cloud-painting taken from dioramas in the American Museum of Natural History.  In both, he considers how recording the clouds is an act of both ‘objective’ study and ‘subjective’ projection.

In conjunction with his show, James has invited a number of artists to reflect on this theme (in forms as varied and elusive as the clouds themselves!). In the gallery, Jen Bervin presents a spread from her book a non-breaking space. A series of evening events has included a reading by Joshua Beckman (we were invited to bring pillows; Joshua read texts by himself and others as we lay outstretched, eyes on the ceiling); a lecture by Klara Hobza (a tour through modern cloud classification, with lots of pictures, and a summary of current cloud-making practice); and a slideshow of work by Pauline Curnier Jardin and Catriona Shaw (with excerpts of their work-in-progress, a cloud-opera).

SPWS is happy to be participating:
October 21st, 8pm:

“Taxonomy of Taxonomy of Clouds,” an SPWS lecture in conjunction with:
a performative lecture by Madeline Djerejian + screenings of videos by Celeste Fichter, Birgit Rathsmann, James Walsh and Lisa Young / $5 suggested donation

‘Cloud Bar’ opens on beach in UK

Designed by artist Michael Trainor, the ‘Cloud Bar’ replaces a disused beach shelter on the Lincolnshire coastline. On the viewing platform are ‘Cloud Menus’ identifying the different formations, mirrors that can be swiveled to reflect different parts of the sky and specially designed cloud-viewing seats, on which visitors can recline and enjoy the view. See Cloud Appreciation Society and Bathing Beauties, a project to Re-imagine the British Beach Hut, for more information.

SPWS Guest Lecture 3/1/09: 3 Weather Talks in the Panorama!

In conjunction with the Queens International 4 at the Queens Museum of Art

SP Weather Station Guest Lecture series presents:

3 Weather Talks in the Panorama

Sunday, March 1st, 2:00 PM (repeats at 4:00*)
(open to the public / museum admission is $5 suggested donation)

Isaac Gertman
NYC Weather Apocalypse in Film

Kenneth Goldsmith
reads from his book “The Weather”

SP Weather Station
Clouds of New York Slideshow

Queens Museum of Art
Flushing Meadows Corona Park
for details/directions:

(*4:00 PM program by Isaac Gertman & SP Weather Station only)

About Isaac Gertman: 
Isaac Gertman is a designer, educator, and occasional writer. He has written for STEP Magazine and the design blog SpeakUp. He has taught typography at the Rhode Island School of Design, and currently teaches environmental graphic design at Parsons the New School for Design. Isaac received a masters degree from the Rhode Island School of Design and a bachelors from Maryland Institute College of Art. His work will be featured in the book A Thousand Tips by a Hundred Graphic Designers, released by Spanish publisher Maomao  in 2009. He lives in Brooklyn, and has no plans to ever move to Manhattan. (

About Kenneth Goldsmith:
Kenneth Goldsmith’s writing has been called some of the most “exhaustive and beautiful collage work yet produced in poetry” by Publishers Weekly. The author of seven books of poetry, founding editor of the online archive UbuWeb (, and the editor of I’ll Be Your Mirror: The Selected Andy Warhol Interviews, Goldsmith is also the host of a weekly radio show on New York City’s WFMU. He teaches writing at The University of Pennsylvania, where he is a senior editor of PennSound, an online poetry archive. More about Goldsmith can be found on his author’s page at the University of Buffalo’s Electronic Poetry Center:

About SP Weather Station:
SP Weather Station is an artist-run weather station based on a studio rooftop in Long Island City, New York. Co-founded by Natalie Campbell and Heidi Neilson in 2007, SP Weather Station is an interdisciplinary project which collects weather data, hosts a Guest Lecture Series, and produces artist multiples. As an informal umbrella organization, SPWS invites participation from many other artists, groups, and weather enthusiasts.

In conjunction with its participation in the Queens International 4, SPWS is organizing a series of lectures at the Queens Museum of Art featuring Nathalie Miebach, Isaac Gertman, Kenneth Goldsmith, and Jane D. Marsching.


(poster by Natalie Campbell & Isaac Gertman)